back Nitri Spiritus Dulcis

Sweet Spirits of Nitre

Sensorial apathy in low fevers when there is stupor, difficulty of arousing patient, is met by this remedy. Dry skin, nausea, flatulence. Salty taste. Ill-effects of salt (halophagia) (Ars; Phos). Catching cold in stormy weather. Acute nephritis following Scarlet fever. Dropsy. Is an excellent diuretic.

Face.--Prosopalgia, with photophobia. Burning in cheeks, and vomiting, followed by lassitude. Boring in facial bones; in angles of lower jaw. Very sensitive to cold.

Respiratory.--Very rapid breathing by going only a short walk. Painful constriction beneath sternum.

Modalities.--Worse, from mental disturbance, during winter and spring.

Relationship.--Increases the action of Digitalis.

Compare: Phos ac; Lycop.

Dose.--A few drops of the pure spirits in water every two or three hours.

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