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Synonym. - Kali Hydriodicum. Common name. - Iodide of Potash. Preparation. - A solution of one part to ninefcy-nine of distilled water corresponds to the .2x dilution. The .3x dilution is prepared with dilute alchol. Subsequent dilutions with alcohol. Also triturations.


Acts upon the mucous tissues and the glands, its action closely resembling that of Mercury, and involving the same character of disorganization of fluids and destruction of tissues. The action upon the lymphatic and glandular system is also very similar to that of Iodine, producing hypertrophy and loss of function. It causes catarrhal inflammation, with free secretion, little fever. Also causes salivation, diuresis and nephritis in a manner resembling Iodine. It produces thicken- ing of the periosteum, and for this reason is often beneficial in syphilitic nodes.


Mind.- Sadness and anxiety (Ign., Natr. mur., Puls.).

Head.- Pain in the upper part of the head, as if it would be forced asunder (Bry., Cinch., Natr. mur., Sep., Sil.); with external heat in vertex. Stitches in forehead on stooping. Tearing in right side of forehead in eveniDg, better from pressure. Aching in sinuses and right ethmoid cells. Pain in sides of head, as if screwed in (Merc, Nitr. ac). Tearing or jerking stitches above the left eye. The scalp feels as if ulcerated when scratching (Merc).

Eyes.- Sunken eyes, surrounded by blue rings (Cinch.). Injection and tumefaction of the conjunctiva (Arg. nit.). Chemosis. Burning in eyes ; they secrete a purulent mucus. GEdeina of the eyelids {Apis, Kali c, Ehus tox.). Vision dim and foggy (Kali c, Lach., Merc, Puls.). oIritis syphilitica after abuse of Mercury ; aqueous, cloudy ; ciliary injection bright, angry-looking ; pains worse at night. oIridochoroiditis, especially syphilitic. oPustules on cornea; no photophobia, pain or redness.

Nose.- Acute coryza; loss of smell; great redness of mucous membrane of eyes, nose, throat and palate, with profuse lachrymation (Cepa, Euphr.)\ with frequent irritation to cough, and swelling of upper lids. Violent sneezing, and running of acrid water from nose (Cepa, Merc cor.); of clear water. Accumulation of very tenacious mucus in nostrils (Kali bi.). Discharge from the nose of greenish- black or yellow matter, of a foul, sickening smell; of decomposed greenish-reel blood. * Sensation of fullness and tightness at root of nose (Acon., Kali bi.). Throbbing and burning pains in nasal and frontal bones, with swelling. Gnawing sensation in nasal bones, with lancinating, boring pains extended to forehead.

Face.- Face pale, colorless. oSwelling of face and tongue, especially after Mercury.

Mouth.- Burning of tip of tongue (Calc c, Carb. an., Kali c); vesicles on tip of tongue (Natr. mur.). Dryness of the mouth (Ars., Bry., JVujo m., Puls.). Swelling of the gums, especially around the decayed teeth. Very offensive odor from the mouth (Arn., Hep. s., Iod., Nitr. ac). Copious salivation (Tod., Iris, JVitr. ac). Swelling and suppuration of submaxillary glands (Hep. s., Sil.).

Throat.- Itching and dryness of throat; with catarrhal symptoms. Sensitive swelling of thyroid gland. Swallowing painful and difficult, with redness and swelling of soft palate and tonsils. Uvula swollen and elongated ; mucous membranes oedematous.

Stomach.- Excessive thirst (Acon., Ars., Bry., Bell.). Nausea and vomiting (Ipec, Ant. tart., Lob.). Violent vomiting, with excessive accumulation of saliva.

Abdoinen. - Sudden painful bloating of the abdomen, as if it would burst, disappearing after emission of flatus ( Carb. v.).

Stool. - Scanty, hard, difficult. oLight-green and yellow watery stools.

Male Organs. - o Extensive swelling and inflammation of the penis.

Female Organs.- Frequent urging to urinate when the menses appear. Thin, watery, acrid leucorrhoea. Atrophy of the mammae (Iod.).

Respiratory Organs. - oRaw pain in larynx as from granulations. Dry cough; mornings; evenings; with soreness of larynx. Short hacking cough from rawness in throat, Kespiration difficult; on waking, in night, with loss of voice. Dyspnoea on ascending stairs, with pain in region of heart. Short breath. Oppression. Uneasiness. Pain as if cut to pieces in the evening. Pain in left chest as if sore externally, worse on touch. Deep hollow cough, with whitish and greenish expectoration, and tearing pain starting from ensiform cartilage. Stitches through the sternum to the back, or deep in the chest (Kali c), while walking. oPhthisis pituitosa, with purulent sputum; exhausting night sweats and loose stools. o(Edema pulmonum, with pneumonia; or secondary to Morbus Brightii ; sputum like soapsuds, green.

Heart. - Palpitation worse while walking; cervical glands swollen.

Neck and Back. - Pain in small of back as if screwed in a vise; after moving.

Limbs. - Tearing, darting, or gnawing pains; periosteum involved ; worse at night ; oafter Mercury or syphilis ; Rheumatism or gout.

Skin. - Itching herpes on face. Small boils or pustules, worse on face, shoulders, back and chest.

Generalities. - Great general debility. Emaciation. Subsultus tendinum, or contraction of muscles and tendons. (Hyos., Strain.). Enlarged or atrophied glands (Calc. c, Graph., Hep. s.). (Edematous infiltration of tissues (Apis, Apoc, Ars.) . Swelling of bones ( Asaf. , Hep. s.) .

Sleep. - Restless sleep; sleeplessness.

Aggravation.-in night; in cold air; at rest; better from motion.

Conditions. - After abuse of Mercury.

Compare.- Aur., Euph., Kali bi., Hep. s., Iodi., Merc, Mez.

Antidote.- Hep. s.

Kali Iodatum Antidote.- Mercury.


This drug is chiefly used in mercurial, syphilitic and scrofulous diseases. It is homoeopathic to some conditions arising from the syphilitic poison, but its indiscriminate use in massive doses for secondary syphilis is not homoeopathic. It is especially useful in secondary syphilis after the abuse of Mercury, or when combined with scrofula. It is said to be the best known antidote for all the bad effects of Mercury, though doubtless Nitric acid is equally valuable. Buboes. Chancres with edges, thin, corrosive, or curdy pus; deep eating ulcers; worse at night. Affections of glands; of bones. Chronic rheumatism; synovitis; roseola ; rupia ; purpura hsemorrhagica. Sciatica, worse at night. Syphilitic eye inflammations, iritis ; choroiditis, etc. A valuable remedy in catarrhal conditions of the respiratory tract. Nasal catarrh, involving the frontal sinuses and ethmoid cells, with symptoms already given. Violent acrid coryza. Ulceration of nostrils. Syphilitic ozoena. Violent epistaxis after Mercury. Often valuable in hay fever. Asthma, especially in young people, with rheumatic symptoms about chest. Catarrh of the larynx, with raw, sore pain as if granulated. Pneumonia, especially chronic and with pleuritic exudations. Phthisis. (Edema pulmonum. Hydrothorax. Bright's disease; granulated kidney. Nephritis.

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