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Synonyms.- Kali sulfate. Potassium sulfate. Common names.- Sulphate of potassium. Yitriolated tartar. Preparation- Triturations.


Our knowledge of the action of Kali sulph., like several other of the tissue salts, is obtained from Schuessler's observations and from clinical sources. It seems especially applicable to the later stages of inflammation, and to ailments accompanied by profuse desquamation of the epidermis. Yellow mucous discharges are characteristic (Puls.). So also are the evening aggravation and amelioration in the cool open air (Puls.). Diseases caused by a retrocession of eruptions. Oxaluria.


Head.- Rheumatic headache, beginning in evening and in a heated room. Bald spots. Dandruff and scaldhead.

Ears.- Eustachian deafness. Discharge of yellow matter (Hydr.).

Nose.- Colds, with yellow, slimy expectoration. Nose obstructed. Smell lost (Nat. mur.).

Face.- Aches in heated room, better in cool open air. Epithelioma.

Stomach- Tongue coated yellow and slimy. Insipid, pappy taste. Gums painful. Burning thirst, nausea, and vomiting. Feeling of a load in stomach. Dread of hot drinks.

Abdomen.- Yellow, slimy diarrhoea. Constipation, with hemorrhoids (Sulph.).

Male Organs.- Gonorrhea; discharge slimy, yellowish-green. Orchitis. Gleet.

Female Organs.- Menses too late, scanty, with feeling of weight in abdomen ( Puis . ) .

Respiratory Organs.- Coarse rales. Rattling of mucus in chest, with croup (Tart. em.). Bronchial asthma, with yellow expectoration. Cough; worse in evening and in hot atmosphere. Croupy hoarseness (Hep., Spong.).

Limbs.- Pain in nape, back and limbs; worse in warm room. Shifting, wandering pains (Puls.).

Fever.-Rise of temperature at night. Intermittent fever, with yellow, slimy tongue.

Skin.-Psoriasis (Ars.). Eczema; burning, itching, papular eruption. Nettle rash. Polypi. Epithelioma.

Aggravation.- In the evening. In a heated room.

Amelioration.- In the cool, open air.

Compare -Pulsat., Hydras., Kalib., Natr. m

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