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Synonym. - Lachnanthes Tinctoria. Natural order.- Hsemodoraceae. Common names.- Bed Root. Spirit Wted, Habitat. - A plant growing in sandy swamps from Rhode Island to New Jersey southward, near the coast. Preparation. - Tincture from the fresh plant.


Acts upon the cerebro-spinal system, affecting particularly the sensorium and muscular system, its tendency being to the production of an active congestion and inflammation.


Mind. - Became much excited over a trifle. Delirium, with brilliant eyes (Bell., Stram.).

Head. - Dull headache, particularly frontal. Tearing in forehead from left to right side. Scalp painful to the touch. Vertex feels enlarged and extended upward.

Eyes. - Yellow spots before the eyes. Bright, sparkling eyes with delirium (Bell., Stram.). Pressing as from dust in the eyes, with secretion of white mucus. Twitching of upper eyelids (Agar.); worse on closing them tightly. Sight became obscured.

Ears. -Itching or tingling in ears; relieved by boring with the finger, but again returns. Singing in the ear.

Face.- Circumscribed redness of the face (Sang.), with delirium and brilliant eyes (Bell.).

Mouth. - Pain in all th§ teeth, aggravated by warmth.

Throat. - Sore throat, with short cough. Sensation of swoling in pharynx, with stiffness of neck, and head drawn to one side, diphtheria. Dryness of throat; afterward soreness.

Stomach. - Aversion to meat (Arn., Carb. v., Graph., Puls.).

Abdomen.- Continuous rumbling and rolling in abdomen, as of gas (Aloe, Lyc.).

Stool and Anus.- Frequent stool; passes much wind.

Respiratory Organs.- Cough dry as from larynx, with sore throat. Stitches in chest under right breast and under the clavicle. Heat in chest (Acon., Ars., Sang.).

Heart and Pulse.- Pulse slow, irregular (Digit.). Sensation of heat in region of heart.

Neck and Back..- Stiffness of the neck (Rhus tox.). Pain in nape of neck as if from dislocation. Burning in the sacra) and lumbar region.

Generalities.- Very restless; throws herself about (Acon., Ars.); feels weak (Cinch., Coccul.).

Skin.- Pimples appear here and there, containing a water j fluid (Graph.). Stinging, itching and tingling on thighs, legs, feet, arms, etc. (Acon., Apis, Urt. ur.).

Sleep.- Sleepless, or restless sleep, with distressing dreams, Cannot go to sleep easily.

Fever.- Flashes of heat alternating with chilliness. Burning in palms of hands and soles of feet (Sulph.). Heat with redness of face; after heat circumscribed redness of both cheeks; worse on right side (Sang.). Perspires freely, especially after midnight. During cold sensation the skin is moist and sticky.

Compare.- Agar., Bell., Camph., Cic, Cimic, Gels., Hyos., Lach., Rhus tox., Sang., Stram.


Has been used principally for wry-neck (Lyc.). Also in diphtheria, scarlatina and cerebro-spinal meningitis, when there is a stiff neck, the head being drawn to one side. Pneumonia, especially typhoid pneumonia.

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