back Lacticum Acidum

Preparation. - Dilutions of pure Lactic Acid made with alcohol.


Acts especially upon the mucous surfaces and upon the joints, producing inflammatory conditions, which, in the latter, partake of a rheumatic character,


Head. - Vertigo when turning the head (Kali c, Sang.), with heat, on rising (Bry.); at night. Congestion of head; painless, with strong pulsation of vessels of neck (Glon.). Headache, with sensation of fullness in vertex. Dull pain in forehead, just over the eyes, and extending into the eyes. oPain in head and back all night. Pain in occiput, and alternating between there and forehead.

Eyes.- Sensation of fullness in the eyes, with headache. Eyes feel as if they would burst. Photophobia. Jerking of the left upper lid. Pupils dilated (Bell., Hyos., Stram.). oHyperaesthesia of retina, steady aching in and behind eye ball.

Nose. - oGreat sensitiveness of smell. oNosebleed every morning.

Face. - Face flushed or congested from headache (Bell.).

Mouth. - Tongue coated thick white (Ant. crud., Bry., Nux v., Sulph.). Tongue raw and red; odry, parched, sticky. Mouth and fauces very dry and hot. oVery sore mouth; canker sores. Much saliva in mouth, tasting salty (Merc). Bad taste in mouth. Sour, coppery taste (Merc).

Throat.- Sensation of a plug in the throat. Sense of constriction in throat; rough and dry (Lach.). Fauces hot, dry and swollen (Bell.). Difficulty of swallowing solids, liquids (Bell.).

Stomach. - Appetite impaired. oVoracious appetite. Eructations of hot, acrid fluid, which bums from the stomach to the throat. Food sours. Eructations of burning, hot gas from the stomach, causing a profuse secretion of tenacious mucus, which must be constantly hawked up; aggravated by smoking tobacco. Constant nausea. Nausea on rising in the morning. Nausea after breakfast; not severe, but very persistent. Nausea, with water brash or vomiting. Sensation as if all food was lodged under upper end of sternum, which oppresses and distresses her for hours.

Stool and Anus.- Aching pain in anus. Soft, mushy stool; diarrhoea.

Urinary Organs. - Frequent desire to urinate large quantities. Urinates frequently day and night; the attempt to retain it causes pain.

Female Organs.- oAching pain in region of right ovary, worse by rapid walking or exercise. oLeucorrhoea; staining linen yellow; when checked nasal catarrh ensues.

Respiratory Organs. - Dryness and rawness, extending to larynx. Aphonia. After rising the voice was entirely without control, whispering and squeaking when expecting to speak aloud. Spasmodic, ringing cough, caused by irritation in the throat. Hoarse, hard dry cough, with dryness of glottis. Left side of chest sore and painful. Cutting or sticking pain in upper third of right side.

Neck and Back. - Pain in small of back, extending into shoulders. Sore aching in lower part of back; worse when walking.

Limbs.- Severe, sharp pains in the joints.

Upper Limbs. - Eheumatic pain in shoulders. Rheumatic swelling and pain in wrists and elbows and small joints of the hands (Act. spic, Caul.).

Lower Limbs.- Knees and other joints stiff and painful. Rheumatic pain in the knee joints.

Generalities.- Weakness as if from exercise, with rheumatic pains in the bones. oDebility, weariness of the limbs. Aversion to exercise.

Skin.- oSkin harsh and dry, no sweat. Red spots or blotches on various parts of the body particularly the thighs and lower extremities. Itching and burning, aggravated by cold.

Sleep. - Restless all night. Does not sleep well.

Fever.- Cold and chilly at times. Flashes of heat. oChilly, mostly on limbs. Copious perspiration. Unusual perspiration of feet.

Compare.- Acon., Act. spic., Bell., Caul., Cimic, Ipec., Nux v., Puls., Rhus tox.


Lactic acid has been used successfully in rheumatism, both articular and muscular, with symptoms above mentioned, worse at night, and from motion, acrid and profuse sweat. A valuable remedy in diabetes mellitus. Dyspepsia, food sours, hot, acrid eructations, which burn from the stomach to the mouth, water brash, nausea and vomiting. Valuable in morning sickness of pregnancy, especially in pale anaemic women, who have had menorrhagia. Epistaxis. Croup.

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