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Synonyms. - Leptandra Virginica. Veronica Virginica. Natural order. - Scrofularicea3. Common names. - Culver's Physic. Black Root. Habitat. - A perennial herbaceous plant growing throughout the United States east of the Mississippi. Preparation. - Tincture from the fresh root.


Acts especially upon the liver and the intestinal canal, arousing their secretory functions. Its chief characteristic is a profuse black, tar-like, very foetid stool (Ars.).


Head.- Constant dull frontal headache; dizziness; pain in bowels.

Mouth.- Tongue coated yellow mornings. Flat, unpleasant taste in the morning.

Stomach. - o Vomiting of bile, yellow tongue, shooting pains about liver, black stools.

Abdomen. - Aching in liver, extending to spine, worse in region of gall-bladder. Aching in umbilical region, rum- bling in abdomen and urging to stool, relieved by passing a profuse dark, foetid stool. Humbling in hypogastrium in the morning, with distress, followed by characteristic stool.

Stool. - Profuse, black, foetid stool, running out in a stream. Stool first hard, black and lumpy, then mushy.

Compare.- Ars., Bry., Cinch., Iris, Podo.


Its therapeutic range is confined to bilious conditions, and hepatic diseases in general, especially when the characteristic blackish stools are present. Sick-headache from hepatic de- rangement. Bilious headache, constipation, bitter taste. Jaundice with clay-colored stools. Dysentery or typhoid, with black, tar-like stools. Bilious fever. Chronic congestion and other chronic disorders of the liver. Chronic abdominal com- plaints caused by derangement of portal system, even ascites and anasarca.

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