back Magnesium Carbonicum

Common name.- Carbonate of Magnesia. Preparation. - Triturations.


Acts on the mucous membranes of the intestinal canal, and upon the female generative organs, producing irritation and catarrhal inflammation, and in the latter deranged menstrua- tion.


Head. - Pressive headache. Rush of blood to the head. Falling out of the hair ( Graph., Merc, Nitr. ac., Natr. mur., Phos., Sep.). Tetter on the scalp, itching during wet, rainy weather.

Eyes - Agglutination of the lids in the morning (Calc. c, Lyc.., Mere., Puls., Sulph.).

Ears. - Hardness of hearing.

Face.- Nightly tearing, digging, boring in the cheek bones ; insupportable during rest, and driving from one place to an- other.

Mouth. - Toothache at night, compelling one to rise and walk about; pain insupportable while at rest; worse in cold; during pregnancy. Bloody saliva. Bitter or sour taste in the mouth (Cinch., Lyc., Nux v.).

Stomach. - Desire for fruit and acid things (Ant. crud., Ant. tart., Cinch., Hep. s., Phos., Phos. ac, Verat. alb.); for meat {Abies can.)', aversion to green food. Violent thirst, especially toward evening. Constrictive pain in the stomach,

Abdonien. - Distension of the abdomen, with profuse emission of flatulence, with relief (Aloe, Lyc.). Griping, cutting and rumbling in the ivhole abdomen, followed by thin, green stools, without tenesmus.

Stool and Anns.- Piercing pain in rectum, as from needles {Aloe). Stools green and frothy, like the scum of a frog pon,or owith white floating lumps, like tallow; always preceded by griping, worse on right side. Constipation (Amm. mur., Alum., Bry., Nux v., Op.).

Female Organs.- Menses too late and scanty (Puls.). Menstrual floiv more profuse during the night than during the day, with dragging pains, better from pressure on abdomen and stooping. No menstrual discharge during the pains, only after them. Menstrual discharge glutinous, thick, acrid, black, pitch-like.

Generalities. - Rheumatic pains in shoulders, and limbs in general. oNeuralgic lightning-like pains. oEpileptic attacks; frequently falls down suddenly, with consciousness. Weakness, especially in the morning. oWeary and tired, especially in the feet, and when sitting. Restlessness in the limbs in the evening, after sitting long.

Sleep. - Cannot sleep after 2 or 3 a.m. oUnrefreshing sleep, more tired in the morning than when going to bed.

Skin. - Violent itching over the whole body.

Fever.- Great internal heat at night, with night sweats and aversion to uncovering, with dread of exposure.

Amelioration. -From motion (Rhus tox.); in the open air.

Conditions. - Persons, especially children of irritable disposition, nervous temperament ; lax fibre ; sour smell.

Compare.- Ars., Aloe, Calc. c, Cham., Graph., Lyc., Nitr. ac., Nux m., Phos., Sep., Sil. Complementary to Cham.

Antidotes.- Cham., Puls., Merc, Nux v., Rheum.


Magnesia carb. is a useful remedy in acid dyspepsia. Dyspepsia from milk which sours ; also from cabbage , potatoes and other gross food. Diarrhoea, especially of children with characteristic stools, and usually more or less colic, which is relieved by bending over, sour eructations, etc. Apthse. With this drug there is, especially with dyspepsia, a marked disposition to neuralgia, especially of the face, in which it is an excellent remedy ; the pains are lightning-like, are usually worse at night, and are accompanied by great restlessness, must get up and walk about. Neuralgic toothache, especially during pregnancy, worse at night from warmth of bed and better from cold drinks. Lenticular cataract. Warts on lids. Styes. Chronic blepharitis. Nausea and sour vomiting during pregnancy. Dysmenorrhea with symptoms mentioned in pathogenesis. Leucorrhcea, white, acrid, with colic, relieved by bending over. Epileptiform spasms.

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