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Synonym. - Melilotus Officinalis. Natural order. - Leguminosse. Common names. - Yellow Melilot (not White Melilot). Sweet Clover. Habitat. - A plant indigenous to Europe, naturalized in the United States. Preparation. - Tincture from the fresh flowers.


This plant is especially noted for its action upon the nervous system, producing a very severe headache with congestion of blood to the head, flushed face, and even sometimes epistaxis (Bell.). It rapidly relieves headaches of nervous origin, or resulting from cerebral oppression, and is quite useful in so-called " sick headache." Its chief constituent "cumarin," in large doses, causes nausea, vertigo, vomiting and great oppression, with sleepiness, confusion, severe pain in head, depression of heart's action and cold extremities.


Mind. - Irascible, impatient, discontented, fault-finding. Indolent, unable to fix mind, stupid, indifferent. Unable to study, memory will not retain anything. Omit words and letters in writing. (Lyc.).

Head. - Vertigo ; on moving. Swaying sensation in the brain with tired pain. Headache, better from nosebleed. Head- ache with red face, bloodshot eyes, and finally epistaxis, which affords relief. Sick headache better from epistaxis or menstrual flow. Periodical nervous headache every week, or once in four weeks, more frequent in winter. Violent congestion of the head, with heaviness, fullness and throbbing as if the blood would burst through the nose, eyes and ears, with dizzy sick feeling that is worse from motion. Throbbing frontal headache preceded by great prostration. Intense frontal headache preceded by hot, flushed face and feverish sensation. Throbbing headache in right eminence from 9 a.m. till noon.

Eyes. - Eyelids very heavy.

Nose. - Excessive dryness of nose. Profuse and frequent epistaxis with general relief.

Face.- Redness of face and head, with throbbing in carotids (Amy I nit., Bell.). Face almost livid.

Urinary Organs. - Frequent and profuse urination. Urine profuse watery, and relieving the dull, congestive headache (Gels.).

Female Sexual Organs.- Frequent momentary stitches in external genitals.

Respiratory Organs.- Cough from fullness in chest. Haemoptysis, blood bright red. Smothering sensations; cannot get air enough. Breathing difficult from weight on chest; fullness of chest and head; violent congestion of the lungs.

Amelioration.- Better in the open air; from walking and change of position.

Compare.- Amyl nit., Bell., Cact., Glon., Ferr., Sang.


Has been used chiefly in neuralgic and congestive headaches with foregoing symptoms. Considered invaluable in so-called "sick headache." Nosebleed relieving the headache is very characteristic. Has cured religious melancholia, with very red face, etc. Hypochondriasis. Congestion and inflammation of the lungs. Infantile spasms during de'ntition with great congestion of the head ; especially in nervous children. Puerperal eclampsia.

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