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Synonym. - Mephitis Americana. Class. - Mammalia. Order. - Carnivora. Family. - Mustelodse. Common names. - Skunk. Pole Cat. Preparation. - A tincture is made by dissolving the liquid obtained from the anal glands in alcohol.


Acts prominently upon the cerebro-spinal system, especially the pneumogastrics, including spasmodic conditions of the respiratory organs, which has led to its use in the treatment of asthma and whooping cough.


Eyes. - Stitches, as if with needles in the eyes. Pain above the eyes. Conjunctiva? red and injected. Letters become blurred; unable to distinguish them; they run together; short- sighted.

Mouth.- Sudden jerks in roots of teeth.

Stomach.- No appetite in morning. Nausea, with emptiness in stomach, and sensation as if head were distended. Pres- sure in stomach, and colic.

Stool. - Stools infrequent, but thin.

Respiratory Organs.- When drinking, the fluid gets into the larynx. Asthma, as from inhaling vapor of sulphur ; oof drunkards; during sleep. Inhalation difficult; exhalation almost impossible; or barking. Cough after drinking, talking or loud reading; spasmodic, hollow or deep, with rawness, hoarseness and pain through chest, with suffocative feeling when inhaling; cannot exhale; vomits food some hours after eating; worse at night and after lying down; in morning loose, with some expectoration.

Limbs.- Uneasiness in arms and legs. Rheumatic pains in limbs. Burning and pain in corns.

Generalities. - Convulsions; restlessness. Inclination to stretch ; disinclination to work. Paralyzed sensation, especially with the pains. Very fine nervous vibrations, causing great uneasiness, as if extending into the interior of the bone.

Sleep.- Asthma during sleep. Awakens early, and feels re- freshed. Sleepy in the morning. Vivid remembered dreams.

Fever.- Increased warmth, especially in the morning. Less chilly in cold air ; cold water agreeable.

Compare.- Ambr., Ars., Coccus ; Coral, rub., Dros.


Has been found useful in asthma, whooping cough and prosopalgia, with symptoms above described.

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