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Synonyms. - Protoiodide of Mercury. Mercurius Iodide. Common name. - Yellow Iodide of Mercury. Preparation. - Triturations, which should be protected from the light.


The Iodide of Mercury acts especially upon the glands and mucous membranes of the throat, after the manner of other Mercuries, though partaking somewhat of the action of Iodine. In the Biniodide this latter action preponderates, while the action of the Protoiodide more closely resembles that of Mercury.


Head.- Headache on the top of the head, or on the right side. Dull headache on awaking in the morning. Dull frontal headache, with pain in the root of the nose {Kali oi., Natr. ars.). Itching of the scalp {Graph., Nitr. ac, Sulph.).

Nose.- Shooting pain at root of nose.

Pace.- Dull aching and soreness in the bones of the face.

Mouth. - Tongue coated bright-yellow; tip and edges red. Base of tongue covered with a thick, dirty -yellow coating (Chin, sulph.), especially on rising in the morning.

Throat.- Much tenacious mucus in throat; hawking causes gagging. Burning in the throat (Ars., Caps., Canth., Merc, cor.). Fauces and pharynx red and inflamed; tonsils swollen; especially the right; pain on sivalloiving; sensation of a lump as if swollen {Bell.). Posterior wall of pharynx dotted with patches of mucus and small spots, which look ulcerated.

Stool. - Tough, almost like putty, with much straining. Stools thin, light-yellowish brown, frothy; soft, copious, dark.

Generalities. - Faintness, wants to lie down (Nux m.). Has troublesome itching over the whole body; worse at night, especially while in bed. Glands swollen and indurated (Merc). oMilk crust in children of a syphilitic taint.

Aggravation.- Most symptoms appear at night in bed. From passive motion; during rest on right side.

Amelioration. - During the day; in the open air; from active motion.

Compare.- Bell., Iod., Kali bi., Lach., Merc, Mtr. ac,Sulph.


Mostly useful in sore throat, especially in the so-called diphtheritic sore throat or follicular tonsilitis, usually worse on the right side, or beginning on the right side, glands not greatly swollen. May be useful in mild cases of diphtheria with little glandular swelling (glands much swollen the biniodide of Merc, is better), but is never useful in malignant forms of the disease. Sometimes useful in chronic nasal catarrh, the posterior nares being most affected. Catarrh with shooting pains at root of nose and along frontal sinuses. Ulcers on cornea, sometimes commence at margin and extend over whole cornea. Syphilitic iritis. Pustular conjunctivitis. Ciliary blepharitis, especially syphilitic Hard chancres, given at once may prevent secondary symptoms. Painless, chancres, with swelling of inguinal glands; not disposed to suppurate. Yellow leucorrhcea, especially of young girls and children.

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