back Mercurius Iodatus Ruber

Synonyms. - Biniodide of Mercury. Mercuric Iodide. Common name. - Red Iodide of Mercury. Preparation. - Triturations.


Mind. - Low-spirited ; disposed to cry (Ign., Natr. mur., Nux m., Puls., Rhus to jo.). Ill-humored in the morning.

Head. - Vertigo. Sensation as if bound by a tight cord in frontal region (Iod., Merc). Heat and pulsation in vertex, especially in evening. Aching in the bones of the head, chiefly occipital.

Eyes.- Inflammation, with burning. Albuginea inflamed and painful.

Ears. - Itching in both ears (Baryt. c, Hep. s., Sulph.). Swelling of parotid and neighboring glands (Iodi.).

Nose.- Coryza, nose hot, swollen; much sneezing and running from the head (Acon., Merc, Sang.); hoarseness. Whitish- yellow or bloody discharge; affection of posterior nares, with raw sensation; nasal bones diseased; turbinated bones swollen. Hawks mucus from posterior nares. Crusty eruption on wings of nose.

Mouth. - Lips slimy and stieJcy on waking. Profuse flow of saliva, and aching of teeth in lower jaw (Merc). Taste bitter.

Throat. - Much phlegm in the throat and nose ; hawks it out. Sensation of a lump in the throat (Bell.), with disposition to hawk it out ; hawks up a hard, greenish lump. Inflammation and swelling of left tonsil, velum elongated causing cough, next day both tonsils involved. Painful swellings of tonsils and submaxillary glands. oDiphtheritic patches, and superficial ulcers in the throat (Nitr. ac.).

Stomach. - Pain in the epigastrium on pressure.

Urinary Organs.- Increased flow of urine (Apis, Apoc). "Hard, red swelling in front of prepuce, and painless hard chancre in the center. oSarcocele of left testicle; syphilis. oBubo, discharging for years ; indolent chancre.

Respiratory Organs.- Constriction across the chest. Catching pain under right breast. Sticking pain in heart.

Skin. - Pustules, with inflamed base, sore to touch; itching slightly scab over, but pus oozes.

Sleep. - Frightful dreams.

Fever.- Shivering, then feverishness, copious sweat at night. oFever with grippe.

Compare.- Bell., Lach., Merc, Mez., Nitr. ac, Kali bi., Iodi. Bell, follows well in scarlet fever.

Antidotes.- See Merc, and Iodi.


This drug is a valuable remedy in sore throats, its action resembling the protoiodide. It differs in that the inflammation is worse on the left side, or, at least, begins on the left side, there is more glandular swelling and more fever and headache. Not so often useful in follicular tonsilitis as the protoiodide, but more often useful in true diphtheria, especially with great glandular swelling. During course of malignant scarlatina, swelling of parotids and neighboring glands ; fauces and tonsils covered with large foetid ulcers, etc. Scrofulous ophthalmia ; granulated lids ; ulceration of cornea. Diphtheritic conjunctivitis. Old cases of granular lids and pannus. Colds in the head, acute coryza. Nasal polypus. A valuable remedy in syphilitic ulcers. Bubo. Hunterian chancre. Old cases of syphilis, particularly in persons of lax fibre, scrofulous, and in those who have taken much Mercury. Sarcocele. Inflammations, erosions and ulceration of the os and cervix, especially of syphilitic origin. Yellow corrosive leucorrhoea. Chronic metritis. Laryngitis. Laryngeal phthisis. Goitre. Grippe, with fever, headache, giddiness, furred tongue. Bronchial catarrh.

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