Sepia Officinalis

Sepia Officinalis

Abbreviations:sep [Kent]
Common Names:Inky Juice of Cuttlefish
Category:Animal, marine
Complementary:Natrum mur.
Similar:to, Lach., Sang., Ustil., in climacteric irregularities of the circulation.
Inimical:to, Lach., should not be used before or after; to, Puls, with which it should never be alternated.
Aggravation: In afternoon or evening; from cold air or dry east wind; sexual excesses; at rest; sultry moist weather; before a thunderstorm (Psor.).
Amelioration:Warmth of bed, hot applications; violent exercise.
Antidotes:mental effects of overuse of tabacco, in patients of sedentary habits who suffer from over-mental exertion.

[Inky Juice of Cuttlefish or Sepia Officinalis. Read more...]

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