back Abies Nigra

Natural order. - Coniferse.

Common names. - Black or Double Spruce.

Habitat.- A tree growing in Northern United States and Canada.

Preparation.- Tincture from the gui u .


Acts especially upon the mucous lining of the stomach, causing deranged digestion, and consequent phenomena.


Mind. - Very low spirited and melancholy. Nervous; unable to think or study.

Head. - Dizziness. Bad feeling in head. Dull headache. Head hot, with flushed cheeks.

Ear.- Pain in left external meatus.

Throat. - Choking-sensation in throat. Sensation of something sticking in oesophagus toward its lower end. (Upper end, Lactic ac.)

Stomach. - Hungry and wakeful at night. Total loss of appetite in the morning, but great craving for food at noon and night. Pain after a hearty meal. Continual distressing sensation about stomach as if everything were knotted up ; worse whenever debilitated. Sensation of an undigested hard-boiled egg in the stomach.

Stool. - Constipation.

Female Organs. - Delayed or suppressed menstruation.

Heart.- Heavy, slow beating of heart ; sharp cutting pains.

Generalities. - Gets out of breath easily. Dyspnoea. Pain in small of back (Bell., Caul., Cimic, Puis., Kreos.) Rheumatic pains and aching in the bones. Alternate heat and cold.

Sleep.- Sleepy during the day, but wakeful and restless at night with bad dreams.

Compare.- Bry., Cham., Ign., Nux v., Lactic ac.



Dyspepsia. - Troubles from indigestion. Dyspepsia from the use of tea or tobacco.

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