back Actea Spicata

Natural order.- Ranunculaceae.

Common names.- Baneberry. Herb Christopher.

Habitat- A perennial herb growing in the woods of Europe and Asia.

Preparation.- Tincture from the fresh root.

Its chief action consists in the production of a rheumatoid condition, especially of the small joints, for which latter it is an important remedy.


Mind.- Furious delirium (Bell., Canth., Stram.).

Face. - Pain as of rheumatism in the face (Acon.).

Stomach.- Sour vomiting (Calc, Iris, Ipec, Nux v., Podo.).

Extremities.- Swelling of the joints after slight fatigue. Pain as from paralytic weakness in the hands.  Rheumatism of the small joints (Caul., Led.).  Pains in the wrists or finger joints; very tender to the touch, excruciating pains, worse at night.  In lower limbs swelling, pain, weakness.  Trembling in thighs when lifting them.  Sensation of great weariness in the knees.

Generalities.- Great lassitude and debility; after eating, walking in the open air, or much talking. Tearing drawing pains.

Compare.- Aconite, Caul., Cimic, Ledum.



Used almost exclusively for rheumatic gout of the small joints; especially useful when sour stomach is present.

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