Aethusa Cynapium

Common Names: fool's cicely or poison parsley
Similar to:Ant-c., Ars., Cal., Sanic.
Aggravation:After eating or drinking; after vomiting; after stool; after spasm.

[Fool's parsley, Aethusa cynapium, is an annual (rarely biennial) herb. Read more...]

Aethusa Cynapium is our mainstay for vomiting of curdled milk in infants during dentition, or at other times. The vomited matter comes with a “rush,” and the vomiting exhausts the little patient. I have known Aethusa to relieve the pain and soreness in the gums of teething children when vomiting is a prominent symptom. - E. A. Farington, M.D – A Clinical Materia Medica

Aethusa cyan. is for Cholera infantum that comes on very suddenly in hot weather in infancy, with extreme prostration. Death is stamped on the face from the beginning, and if there are any remedies in the book that save life, this is one of them. Hippocratic face, whitish-blue pallor around the lips, eyes are sunken and a sunken condition around the nose. Without Aethusa, in two or three days the undertaker gets that child. - James Tyler Kent,  M.D. – Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica

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