back Aethusa Cynapium

Fool's Parsley Umbelliferae

Especially for children during dentition in hot summer weather; children who cannot bear milk.
Great weakness: children cannot stand; unable to hold up the head (Abrot.); prostration with sleepiness.
Idiocy in children; incapacity to think; confused.
An expression of great anxiety and pain, with a drawn condition and well-marked linea nasalia.
Features expressive of pain and anxiety.
Herpetic eruption on end of the nose.
Complete absence of thirst (Apis, Puls. - rev of Ars.).
Intolerance of milk: cannot bear milk in any form; it is vomited in large curds as soon as taken; then weakness causes drowsiness (compare Mag-c.).
Indigestion of teething children; violent, sudden vomiting of a frothy, milk-white substance; or yellow fluid, followed by curdled milk and cheesy matter.
Regurgitation of food and hour or so after eating; copious greenish vomiting.
Epileptic spasms, with clenched thumbs, red face, eyes turned downwards, pupils fixed and dilated; foam at the mouth, jaws locked; pulse small, hard, quick.
Weakness and prostration with sleepiness; after vomiting, after stool, after spasm.
Relationship. - Similar: to Ant-c., Ars., Cal., Sanic.
Aggravation. - After eating or drinking; after vomiting; after stool; after spasm.

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