back Agaricus Muscarius

Toadstool Fungi

Persons with light hair; skin and muscles lax.
Old people with weak, indolent circulation.
Drunkards, especially for their headaches; bad effects after a debauch (Lob., Nux, Ran.).
Headaches: of those who readily become delirious in fever or with pain (Bell.); of persons subject to chorea, twitchings or grimaces; from spinal affections.
Chilblains, that itch and burn intolerably; frostbite and all consequences of exposure to cold, especially in face.
Involuntary movements while awake, cease during sleep; chorea, form simple motions and jerks of single muscles to dancing of whole body; trembling of whole body (twitching of muscles of face, Myg.).
Sensation as if ice touched or ice-cold needles were piercing the skin; as from hot needles.
Burning, itching, redness of various parts; ears, nose, face, hands and feet; parts red, swollen, hot.
Uncertainty in walking, stumbles over everything in the way; heels pain as if beaten, when standing.
Spine sensitive to touch (Ther.); worse mornings.
Pain : sore, aching, in lumbar and sacral regions; during excertion in the day time; while sitting (Zinc.).
Spinal irritation due to sexual excesses (Kali-p.).
Nervous prostration after sexual debauches.
Epilepsy from suppressed eruptions (Psor., Sulph.).
Every motion, every turn of body, causes pain in spine. Single vertebra sensitive to touch.
Prolapsus, post-climacteric; bearing-down pain almost intolerable (compare, Lilium, Murex, Sepia).
Exteremely sensitive to cold air (Cal., Kali-c., Psor.).
Complaints appear diagonally; upper left and lower right side (Ant-t., Stram. - upper right, lower left, Ambr., Brom., Med., Phos., Sul-ac.).
Relationship. - Similar; to, Act., Cal., Can. Ind., Hyos., Kali-p., Lach., Nux, Op., Stram., in delirium of alcoholism; to, Myg., Tar., Zinc., in chorea.
Aggravation. - After eating; after coitus; cold air; mental application; before a thunder-storm (Phos., Psor.).

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