back Ailanthus Glandulosa

Synonym. - Ailanthus Glandulosa.

Natural order - Simarubaceae.

Common names. - Tree of Heaven. Chinese Sumach.

Habitat. - A poisonous tree, native of the Molucca Islands, and cultivated as a shade tree in the United States.

Preparation. -Tincture from the fresh shoots, leaves and blossoms.


Ailanthus acts directly upon the brain and cerebro-spinal centers, producing a low, adynamic condition, greatly simulating low types of fever, and malignant forms of scarlatina.  It also has a special affinity for the skin, giving an eruption similar to that of scarlatina.


Mind. - Semi-conscious ; cannot comprehend what is said to him (Bapt., Gel., Phos. ac,  Rhus tox.). Stupor delirium, and insensibility (Bell., Hyos., Op.). Constant muttering, delirium, with sleeplessness and restlessness (Agar., Bell., Hyos.).

Head. - Severe headache, with dizziness, and red, hot face.

Eyes. - oEyes suffused and congested; startled look when aroused; pupils dilated and sluggish (Aeth., Bell., Hyos., Stram.); photophobia.

Nose. - oCopious, thin, ichorous, and bloody discharge from the nose (Ars., Arum., Cepa.,). oNostrils congested; secretion suppressed.

Face. - Red and hot, covered with a rash (Bell., Rhus tox.); mahogany colored.

Mouth- oTeeth covered with sordes (Bapt., Rhus tox.). oTongue dry, parched, cracked (Ars., Bapt., Bell., Rhus tox.).  Tongue moist, coated white (Ant. crud., Merc). brown in center;  olips and edges livid (Bell.).

Throat.- Throat tender and sore on swallowing, or on admitting air.  Throat livid, almost purple (Naja.); swollen; tonsils prominent, and studded with many deep, angry-looking ulcers (Apis) oozing a scanty, foetid discharge; external neck swollen and sensitive (Bapt.).  Irritability of the throat, and hawking up of mucus.  Thick oedematous, dry, choky feeling in the throat.  Throat dry and scrapy.

Stool.- oThin, watery, offensive diarrhoea (Ars.); passing involuntary with the urine (Hyos., Mur. ac).

Respiratory Organs. - oBreathing hurried, irregular, heavy; dry, hacking cough.  Cough in violent paroxysms before retiring and on rising; painful; deep.  Hawking up of mucus.

Pulse. - Rapid, small pulse, weak, frequent, and irregular.

Neck.- Tender, and very much swollen.

Skin. - Eruptions of miliary rash in patches of dark, almost livid color; most on forehead and face.  Eruptions disappear on pressure, returning very slowly.

Sleep. - Drowsy, restless, soon passes into insensibility.

Compare- Anac, Arum, Ars., Bapt., Gels., Hyos., Lach., Phos., Rhus tox., Stram.



Has been found very useful in low, adynamic forms of disease characterized by sudden and extreme prostration, stupor, vomiting, and purplish appearance of the skin (Bapt.). In malignant scarlatina, with above characteristics, and especially when there is much swelling both external and internal, throat dusky red, ichorous discharge from the nose (Arum), diphtheritic exudations and slowly appearing eruptions.  Also in diphtheria with similar symptoms.  Farrington recommends Ailanthus for hay-fever if the symptoms correspond.

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