back Aletris Farinosa

Natural order. - Hoemadoracese.

Common names.- -Colic Toot. Star Grass.

Habitat. - A perennial plant indigenous to most parts of the United States.

Preparation. - Tincture from the fresh root.


Acts as an irritant to mucous surfaces and produces symptoms of congestion of the pelvic viscera followed by an atonic condition of all parts, but more especially of the female generative organs. It has been found useful in uterine atony; anaemic debility of chlorotic girls; prolapsus uteri from muscular atony, with general anaemia; endometritis; leucorrhoea; habitual abortion or sterility from atony.  According to E. M. Hale "It is the China of the uterine organs." Its most important symptoms are : -

" Tired, with dull heavy confused feeling in head, and inability to concentrate the mind; power and energy of mind weakened."

"Premature and profuse menses, with labor-like pains." According to Hering the drug is most useful in "debility, especially of females, from protracted illness or defective nutrition; no organic disease."

Tt has also been used successfully in dyspepsia, with slow digestion and flatulence, and in the vomiting of pregnancy.

Compare.- Aloe, Caul., Cinch., Crocus, Hydras., Ferr., Lil. tig.

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