back Alnus Serrulata

Synonym.- Alnus rubra.

Natural order. - Betulaceae.

Common names.- Red Alder. Tag Alder.

Habitat- Grows in wet ground, marshes and along streams, chiefly east of the Mississippi river.

 Preparation.- Tincture from the fresh bark.

Acts chiefly on the mucous membranes, skin and glands.  It is used chiefly in atonic dyspepsia with deficient secretion of gastric juice. Also in ulcerations of the mouth and gastrointestinal canal.  It not only stimulates the flow of gastric juice, thus aiding digestion, but it also directly stimulates nutrition and thus acts curatively in strumous disorders, including enlarged glands, leucorrhea and amenorrhea.  It has proved curative in pustular, herpetic and eczematous diseases of the skin.

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