back Ammonium Causticum

Synonym. - Hydrate of Ammonia.

Common name.- Aqua ammonia.

Preparation. - A solution containing ten per cent. of ammonia gas, specific gravity 0.959, corresponds to the lx dilution. Subsequent dilutions made with alcohol.

Acts as a powerful irritant to mucous membranes, either by inhalation or swallowing, and causes oedema and ulceration. Its chief symptoms are "a burning excoriating discharge from the nose," and "burning rawness down behind the sternum." It also produces great prostration. In poisonings it produces bronchitis with profuse expectoration also very difficult respiration, almost suffocation. It has been used in scarlatina with the characteristic nasal discharge (Arum), and is one of the best remedies known for aphonia, when the characteristic rawness in the throat is present. It has also been used for spasm of the glottis, and has cured muscular rheumatism of the shoulders.

Compare. - Ammonia salts, Arum, Kali caust.

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