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Synonym- Anacardium Orientale.

Natural order. - Ana cardiacese.

Common name. - Marking Nut.

Habitat. - A small tree, native of the East Indies.

Preparation. - Tincture from the crushed seeds.

Acts directly upon the sensorium, depressing the cerebral centers and the organs of special sense, producing symptoms of cerebral weakness as well as general nervous prostration. It also acts prominently upon the skin.  The characteristic symp torn is that of a plug.  According to Allen, this drug is "essen tially similar to Rhus tox."


Mind. - Great weakness of memory (Arg., Ambra, Kreos., Lach., Merc, Natr. mur., Nux m., Phos. ac), especially as regards single names, worse forenoons.  Labor difficult, like absent-mindedness. Vanishing of thought, deficiency of ideas, and loss of subject without knowing it. Loss of comprehension in mornings, with confusion and emptiness of head. Illusions of fancy, with apprehension.  Melancholy.  Sadness. Indifference.

Anxiety; in evening; about every trifle; with dullness of senses; as if pursued with suspicion of everything around him, as if surrounded by enemies; feeling of impending misfortune.

Irresistible desire to curse and swear (Nitr. ac, Verat. alb.). Very irritable, passionate and contradictory (Bry., Cham., Nux v., Hep. s., Kali chlor.).

When walking, anxious, as if some one were pursuing. He is separated from the whole world and has so little confidence in himself that he despairs of being able to do that which is required of him.

Head.- Weakness of all the senses. Tearing headache during hard labor.  Vertigo as if turning in a circle, on stooping.  Dull pressure as from a plug, on left side of vertex.  Pressive pain on top of the head when coughing or taking a  deep inspiration.  Pressive pain in temples, as from a nail (Agar., Arm, Coff. c., Ign.).  Constriction in vertex.

Eyes. - Dull pressure as with a plug, on upper border of right orbit.  Vision indistinct.  Short-sighted. Contraction of the pupils (Physos., Op., Phos.).  The light appears to be surrounded with a halo in the evening.

Ears.- Stopped feeling in meatus; obstructed feeling as from cotton.  Cramp-like contraction in left meatus, with pressure against tympanum. Pain in the ear, as from ulceration when biting the teeth together.  Humming in the ears.  Roaring.

Nose. - Illusory smell as of burning tinder, in the morning when rising. Constant smell before the nose like pigeon or chicken dung, especially when smelling his clothing. Smell almost lost.

Face. -Pale.

Mouth.- Bleeding of the gums upon slight rubbing.  Painful vesicles in the mouth (Nitr. ac.).  Flat offensive taste in the mouth and of food.

Throat.- Sensation as of scraping in the throat.  Firm tough mucus in fauces, also obstructs posterior nares.

Stomach.-  oSymptoms disappear during dinner; begin anew after two hours. Hiccough, eructations, nausea, and vomiting.

Abdomen. - Pain around the navel as if a blunt plug were squeezed into the intestines.  Continual rumbling in the abdomen (Lyc.).

Stool and Anus.-  Great urgent desire for stool, but with the effort the desire passes away without an evacuation; the rectum seems powerless, with a sensation as if plugged up (Aloe).  Urging to stool after eating, more in upper part of intestines.  Inactivity of rectum; even small stool passed with difficulty. (Alum.).

Respiratory Organs. - Dull pressure as from a plug, in right side of chest.  Sharp stitches in region of heart, extending to small of back ; also when breathing.

Neck and Back.- Stiffness of nape of neck (Rhus tox.).  Dull stitches in left scapula, returning slowly.

Upper Limbs.- Very painful strokes, as from a heavy body at the middle of the left upper arm. Great feeling of dryness of the hands and fingers.  Cramp-like pain at the meta-carpophalangeal articulations.

Lower Limbs. - Painful uneasiness about the knees, with sensation of stiffness, as if bandaged or made tense, when sitting.  Knees feel paralyzed, with stiffness and great lassitude;  is scarcely able to walk. Cramp-like, intermittent drawing in the legs, from heels into calves.  Cramps in calves (Calc. c, Camph., Sulph.), when walking or rising from a seat.  Dull pressure as from a plug in left glutei muscles. Painful, dull pressure in thighs, at times in rhythmical intermission.  Painful drawing in the tibia.

Generalities. - Weakness in the body; wants to lie down or sit down all the time (Coccul.). Very faint on going up stairs. Pressing or penetrating pain as from a plug in different parts.  Sensation as of a hoop or band around the part.  Trembling debility or paralytic weakness.  Sensitive to a draught of air; liable to take cold (Bell.).

Skin. - White herpetic spots. Excessively itching eruptions. Itching of the skin; worse from scratching.

Sleep. - Vivid dreams; of fire; of dead bodies.

Conditions. - Frequently indicated in nervous hysterical females.  In old people.  During pregnancy. In hypochondriacs.

Compare.- Ailanth., Apis, Comocladia, Nitr. ac, Merc, Nux m., Nux v., Phos. ac, Rhus tox., Zinc.

Antidotes. - Coff. c, Camph., Jugl.; smelling raw coffee.

Anacardium Antidotes.- Rhus tox


THERAPEUTICS. Anacardium is a remedy for insanity, in its various degrees, from hypochondriasis to mania, also for various nervous disorders accompanied by the characteristic mental condition.  It is an excellent remedy for the bad effects of over use of the mind, or brain-fag.  Headache associated with great  mental irritability. Also for alcoholism, restlessness and sleeplessness, other symptoms corresponding.  Especially useful in melancholia and hypochondriasis.  The patient is irritable and inclined to swear, or feels himself possessed of two wills. Has been found useful in the morning sickness of pregnancy, which is better while eating; but returns soon after.  The latter is characteristic of all the gastric symptoms of the drug.  Rheumatic pericarditis with deep stitches through the cardiac region, and mental oppression. Palpitation of the heart in the aged, associated with slight disturbances, such as coryza.  Is useful in diseases of the spinal cord where there is a feeling of a plug in the spine, or a band tied around the body, and the knees feel paralyzed, and as if bandaged tightly. Very valuable in eczema, especially when there is also great mental irritability.  The skin symptoms are very similar to those of Rhus tox.

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