back Antimonium Crudum

Sulphide of Antimony SbS3

For children and young people inclined to grow fat (Cal.); for the extremes of life.
Old people with morning diarrhoea, suddenly become constipated, or alternate diarrhoea and constipation; pulse hard and rapid.
Sensitive to the cold. < after taking cold.
Child is fretful, peevish, cannot bear to be touched or looked at; sulky, does not wish to speak or be spoken to (Ant-t., Iod., Sil.); angry at every little attention.
Great sadness, with weeping. Loathing life.
Anxious lachrymose mood, the slightest thing affects her (Puls.); abject despair, suicide by drowning.
Irresistible desire to talk in rhymes or repeat verses.
Sentimental mood in the moonlight, especially ecstatic love; bad effects of disappointed affection (Cal-p.).
Nostrils and labial commissures sore, cracked and crusty.
Headache: after river bathing; from taking cold; alcoholic drinks; deranged digestion, acids, fat, fruit; suppressed eruption.
Gastric complaints from over-eating; stomach weak, digestion easily disturbed; a thick milky-white coating on the tongue, which is the red strand of the remedy; very subject to canker sores in the mouth (Arg-n., Sulph.).
Longing for acids and pickles.
Gastric and intestinal affections: from bread and pastry; acids, especially vinegar; sour or bad wine; after cold bathing; over-heating; hot weather.
Constant discharge of flatus, up and down, for years; belching, tasting of ingesta.
Mucus: in large quantities from posterior nares by hawking; from anus, ichorous, oozing, staining yellow; mucous piles.
Disposition to abnormal growths of the skin; fingernail do not grow rapidly; crushed nails grow is splits like warts and with horny spots.
Large horny corns on soles of feet (Ran-b.); very sensitive when walking, especially on stone pavements.
Loss of voice from becoming over-heated.
Cannot bear the heat of the sun; worse from over-exertion in the sun. (Lach., Nat-m.); < from over-heating near the fire; exhausted in warm weather; ailments from sunburn.
Whooping cough: < by being over-heated in the sun or in a warm room; from cold washing.
When symptoms reappear they change locality or go from one side of the body to the other.
Aversion to cold bathing; child cries when washed or bathed with cold water; cold bathing causes violent headache; causes suppressed menses; colds from swimming or falling into the water (Rhus).
Relations. - Complementary: Squilla. Similar: to, Bry;, Ipec., Lyc., Puls., in gastric complaints. Follows well: after, Ant-c., Puls., Mer., Sulph.
Aggravation. - After eating; cold baths, acids or sour wine; after heat of sun or fire; extremes of cold or heat.
Amelioration. - In the open air; during rest; after a warm bath.

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