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Poison of the Honey Bee Apium Virus

Adapted to the strumous constitution; glands enlarged, indurated; scirrhus or open cancer.
Women, specially widows; children and girls who, though generally careful, become awkward, and let things fall while handling them (Bov.).
Bad effects of acute exanthema imperfectly developed or suppressed (Zinc.); measles, scarlatina, urticaria.
Ailments from jealousy, fright, rage, vexation, bad news.
Irritable; nervous; fidgety; hard to please.
Weeping disposition; cannot help crying; discouraged, despondent (Puls.).
Sudden shrill, piercing screams from children while waking or sleeping (Hellebore).
(Edema; bag-like, puffy swelling under the eyes (over the eyes, Kali c.); of the hands and feet, dropsy, without thirst (with thirst, Acet. ac., Apoc.).
Extreme sensitiveness to touch (Bell., Lach.).
Pain: burning, stinging, sore; suddenly migrating from one part to another (Kali-bi., Lac-c., Puls.).
Thirstlessness: in anasarca; acites (Acetic acid, but face more waxy and great thirst).
Incontinence of urine, with great irritation of the parts; can scarcely retain the urine a moment, and when passed scalds severely; frequent, painful, scanty, bloody.
Constipation: sensation in abdomen as if something tight would break if much effort were used.
Diarrhoea: of drunkards; in eruptive diseases, especially if eruption be suppressed; involuntary from every motion, as though anus were wide open (Phos.).
Affects right side; enlargement or dropsy of right ovary; right testicle.
Intermittent fever; chill 3 p. m., with thirst, always (Ign.); < warm room and from external heat (Thuja, 3 a. m., and at 3 p. m.).
Relations. - Complementary: Nat-mur.
Disagrees, when used either before or after Rhus.
Ars. and Puls. follow Apis well.
Has cured scarlatina albuminuria after Canth., Dig., Hell. failed.
Aggravation. - After sleeping (Lach.); closed, especially warmed and heated rooms are intolerable; from getting wet (Rhus), but better from washing or moistening the part in cold water.
Amelioration. - Open air; cold water or cold bathing; uncovering; pains by coughing, walking or changing position; when sitting erect;

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