back Apomorphinum

An alkaloid obtained by treating morphine with hydrochloric acid.

Preparation. - Triturations.

The essential feature of this drug is its wonderful power in producing emesis,its only characteristic symptom being "Inclination to vomit. Vomiting without previous nausea; easy; of water as soon as drank; of milk."  Its homoeopathic use has therefore been restricted to vomiting of a similar nature as that described. Vomiting of food with or without organic disease; vomiting from pregnancy, uterine displacements, or other uterine or ovarian irritation. Sea sickness.  The value of Apomorphinum as an emetic should be borne in mind, it be ing especially applicable when prompt emesis is required, in cases of poisoning, etc. In such cases the best method of using is by hypodermic injections, one-tenth of a grain producing full emesis in an adult in from five to fifteen minutes. (It should not be used for opium poisoning.)

Compare. - Cuprum, Ipecac, Sang., Yerat. alb., Zinc.

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