back Aralia Racemosa

Natural order.  Araleaceae.

Common name. - American Spikenard.

Habitat. - An herbaceous plant growing in rich woodlands throughout the United States.

Preparation. - Tincture from the fresh root.

Chief action is exerted through the pneumogastric nerves upon the organs of respiration, giving rise to suffocative attacks resembling asthma or hay fever, in the treatment of which it has been successfully used.

Nose. - Smarting soreness of the posterior nares, caused by passage of acrid mucus (Ars., Arum, Amm. carb., Cepa), with peculiar soreness of alse nasi, as if fissured.

Respiratory Organs.- Dry, wheezing respiration; sense of impending suffocation; whistling worse during inspiration ; must sit up (Ars., Samb.); hay asthma.

oSpasmodic cough at night, awakens after the first sleep, and cannot sleep again on account of it;  caused by tickling in throat, associated with constriction of chest;  has to sit up and cough violently;  sometimes caused by a feeling of a foreign body in the throat.  Sputum at acme of asthma scanty;  then increased, warm, and saltish.  Raw, burning, sore feeling behind the whole length of the sternum (Rumex) and in each lung.

Female Organs.- oAcrid, offensive leucorrhoea, with bearing down pains.

Compare. - Ant. t., Ars., Ipec, Iod., Sambucus.


THERAPEUTICS. Has been used chiefly in the treatment of asthma, hay fever and suffocative catarrh. Has been used as a domestic remedy, in infusion, for dysmenorrhea, leucorrhoea and suppressed lochia.

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