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The Silver Nitrate AgO, NO5

Acute or chronic diseases fro unusual or long-continued mental exertion.
Always think of Argentum nit. on seeing withered, dried-up, old-looking patients (thin, scrawny, Sec.).
Emaciation, progressing every year; most marked in lower extremeties (Am-m.); marasmus.
Apprehension when ready for church or opera, diarrhoea sets in (Gels.).
Time passes slowly (Can-i.); impulsive, wants to do things in a hurry; must walk fast; is always hurried; anxious, irritable,
nervous (Aur. Lit.).
Headache: congestive, with fullness and heaviness; with sense of expansion; habitual gastric, of literary men; from dancing; hemicrania, pressive, screwing in frontal eminence or temple; ending in bilious vomiting; < from any exhaustive mental labor; > by pressure or tight bandaging (Apis, Puls.).
Acute granular conjunctivitis; scarlet-red, like raw beef; discharge profuse, muco-purulent.
Ophthalmia neonatorum: profuse, purulent discharge; cornea opaque, ulceration; lids sore, thick, swollen; agglutinated in morning (Apis, Mer-s., Rhus).
Eye strain from sewing, < in warm room > in open air (Nat-m., Ruta); diseases due to defective accommodation.
Craves sugar; child is fond of it, but diarrhoea results from eating (craves salt or smoked meat, Cal-p.).
Belching accompanies most gastric ailments.
Flatulent dyspepsia: belching after every meal; stomach, as it it would burst with wind; belching difficult, finally air rushes out with great violence.
Diarrhoea: green mucus, like chopped spinach in flakes; turning green after remaining on diaper; after drinking; after eating candy or sugar; masses of muco-lymph in shreddy strips or lumps (Asar.); with much noisy flatus (Aloe.).
Diarrhoea as soon as he drinks (Ars., Crot-t., Throm.).
Urine passes unconsciously day and night (Caust.).
Impotence: erection fails when coition is attempted (Agnus, Calad., Selen.).
Coition: painful in both sexes; followed by bleeding from vagina (Nit-ac.).
Metrorrhagia: in young widows; in sterility; with nervous erethism at change of life (Lach.).
Great longing for fresh air (Amyl., Puls., Sulph.).
Chronic laryngitis of singers; the high notes cause cough (Alum., Arg. m., Arum.).
Great weakness of lower extremities, with trembling; cannot walk with the eyes closed (Alum.).
Walks and stands unsteadily, especially when he thinks himself unobserved.
Convulsions preceded by great restlessness.
Sensation of a splinter in throat when swallowing (Dolch., Hep., Nit-ac., Sil.); in or about uterus when walking or riding.
Chilly when uncovered, yet feels smothered if wrapped up; craves fresh air.
Relation. - Natrum mur, for the bad effects of cauterizing with nitrate of silver.
Coffee increases nervous headache.
Boys' complaints after using tabacco (Ars., Ver.).
Similar: to, Nat-m., Nit-ac., Lach., Aur., Cup.
After Ver.; Lyc. follows well in flatulent dyspepsia.
Aggravation. - Cold food; cold air; eating sugar; ice cream; unusual mental exertion.
Amelioration. - Open air; craves the wind blowing in his face; bathing with cold water.
The 200 or 1000th potency in watery solution as a topical application in ophthalmia neonatorum has relieved when the crude Silver nitrate failed.

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