Arnica Montana

Common Names:wolf's bane, mountain tobacco and mountain arnica
Category:Plant ornamental
Similar to:for soreness as if bruised, Bap., China, Phyt., Pyr., Rhus, Ruta, Staph.
Follows well:after, Acon., Apis., Ham., Ipec., Ver.
By Sul-ac.
Complementary:to, Acon., Hyper., Rhus.
Aggravation:At rest; when lying down; from wine.
Amelioration:From contact; motion (Rhus, Ruta).

[A European flowering plant with large yellow capitula. Read more...]

In a man bedridden for nearly ten years, it was found that Arnica oil was the best remedy for the inevitable bed sores. By the use of this agent he was kept quite free from those troublesome sores during that long period. - The Homoeopathic Recorder Vol 24 – 1909


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