back Asafoetida

Natural order. - Umbelliferae.

Common name. - Devil's dung.

Habitat. - A large perennial herbaceous plant, native of Persia and neighboring countries.

 Preparation.- Tincture from the gum-resin.

Through the nervous system Asafcetida acts particularly upon the female generative organs and the respiratory system, giving rise to conditions simulating ovarian irritation, hysteria, chorea, asthma, etc.  Also acts upon the bones and skin.

Mind. - Ill humor; irritable (Bry., Cham., Nux v.); apprehensive.

Head. - Pressive pain in forehead from within outward (Acon., Bry.).  Single deep penetrating stitches in left frontal eminence.  Drawing pressive pains like a plug (Anac.), in sides of head or temples; most on left side.  Drawing above right ear, which changes into stitching.

Eyes. - Nocturnal throbbing pains in and around the head;  osyphilitic iritis.  oExtensive superficial ulceration of the cornea, with burning, sticking or pressive pains from within outward; rest and pressure relieves. Itching of right eye.  Burning in eyeballs.  Periodic burning in the eyes and pressing together of the lids, as if overcome by sleep.  Pinching drawing across supraorbital region.  Dryness and burning in the eyes (Ars., Sulph.).  Severe boring pains over the eyebrows.

Nose. - oOffensive discharge from the nose; bones swollen and inflamed; caries of the bones.

Face. - Sensation of numbness in the bones of the face.  Swelling of the upper lip.

Throat.- Dryness of mouth, throat and oesophagus.  Sensation of a ball rising from the stomach into the throat (Lyc.., Sulph., Mag. mur., Physos.), obliging frequent swallowing to to keep it down, and causing at times difficult breathing; globus hystericus.  Sensation in the oesophagus as if the peristaltic motions were from below upward.

Stomach. - Pulsation in the pit of the stomach (Ant. tart., Puls., Sep.).  Distension of stomach and bowels, with feeling as if peristaltic motions were reversed, with spasmodic working in oesophagus. Eructations; smelling like garlic;  tasting rancid, sharp or putrid.  Flatus passing upward, none down.

Abdomen. - Great distension of the abdomen (Ant. crud., Cinch.).  Sense of fullness as if beaten, in epigastrium and whole abdomen (Merc), with fullness in former and eructations.  Aching in flanks on drawing in abdominal muscles.  Griping pains with emission of flatus.  Pain as from taking cold, and as if diarrhoea would ensue, with ravenous hunger.

Stool and Anus.- Dull, pressive pain in perineum.  Stool profuse, watery, or thick, papescent, brown and exceedingly offensive (Ars., Lept., Bapt.), relieving the symptoms.

Urinary Organs.- Urine warm, and of pungent ammoniacal smell (Benz. ac.).

Female Organs.- Labor-like pains in uterine region, with cutting and bearing-down (Agar., Aloe, Caul., Cimic. Puls.). oLeucorrhoea profuse, greenish, thin, and offensive. Swelling and inflammation of the genitals.

Respiratory Organs. - Spasmodic tightness of the chest, as if the lungs could not be fully expanded (Crot. tig., Ign., Laur.).  Oppressive, pressing, aching pains in the chest.  Pressure in the chest (right side), from within outward.

Heart and Pulse.- Nervous palpitation (Cocc.) like a tremor when sitting, with small, quick, irregular pulse.

Neck and Back. - Fine burning stitches behind right scapula, extending to ribs. Cannot work on account of backache.

Upper Limbs.- Tearing stitches in upper arm and forearm, down to tips of fingers. Twitching of the muscles of the arms.  Fine sticking pains in elbow.  Cramp-like twitching in metacarpal bone of left thumb.

Lower Limbs.- Twitching of the muscles of the legs.  Swelling and caries of the tibia, and bones of the feet (Hep. s., Kali, Merc, Mez., Nitr. ac, Phos., ac, Sil.).  Painful throbbing in tip of great toe.

Generalities. - Hysteria, with much trouble about throat or oesophagus; well marked globus hystericus.

Skin. - oUlcers, with high, hard edges, sensitive to touch, easily bleeding (Hep. s., Mere., Mez.); pus profuse, greenish, thin, offensive, even ichorous.

Fever.- Chill runs over body from time to time.  Heat on the face after dinner, with anxiety and sleepiness, without thirst.

Conditions. - Particularly adapted to nervous, hysterical, scrofulous individuals, with venous hemorrhoidal constitutions; to scrofulous, bloated, clumsy children.  To syphilitic patients who have taken much Mercury.

Compare.- Ambr., Aur., Ars., Bell., Bry., Calc. c, Caust., Cinch., Carb. v., Coff. c, Coni., Croc, Lyc., Merc., Mez., Mosch., Nitr. ac, Phos., Puls., Sep., Sil., Sulph., Valer.

Antidotes.- Caust., Camph., Cinch., Merc, Puls. Electricity.

Asafoetida Antidotes.- Merc, Puls.


THERAPEUTICS. Is used chiefly in hysteria when the globus hystericus is well marked, difficult breathing, sensation as if peristaltic motions were reversed, etc., especially after the suppression of any habitual discharge. Also in hyper-sensitive conditions, hypochondria; asthma; pertussis; indigestion; cardialgia; diarrhoea; the symptoms agreeing.  It has been found a valuable remedy in Mercurial and scrofulous affections of the bones and skin - caries and ulcers ; also for the latter when the result of destruc- tive syphilitic processes. Orbital neuralgia, boring pains above the eyes. The same symptom may also indicate the drug in iritis, and in intra-ocular inflammations. Nervous diseases in general, resulting from the sudden checking of habitual dis- charges, such as ulcers, expectorations, diarrhoea, etc.

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