back Asclepias Cornuti

Synonym. - Asclepias Syriaca.

Natural order. - Asclepiadacese.

Common names. - Milk Weed. Silk Weed.

Habitat. - A common herb growing on roadsides throughout the United States.

Preparation.- Tincture from the root.

Through the nervous system Asclepias acts upon the liver secondarily, producing serous and mucous fluxes and diaphoresis. It tends to congestion, which is especially noted in the brain and in the female generative organs.

Head. - Dizziness; violent headache between the eyes.  Sense of constriction across the forehead. oHeadache from suppressed perspiration, or from the retention of effete matters in the system. Nervous headaches, followed by sweating or profuse urination (Gels.).  A feeling (after vomiting) as if some sharp instrument were thrust from one temple to the other.

Mouth. - Tongue covered with a white fur.

Throat.- Tickling sensation in the fauces.

Stomach. - Excessive nausea ; violent vomiting and retching.

Stool. - Increased secretion of bile (Iris, Podo.).  Slight inclination to evacuate the bowels. Diarrhoea with nausea and vomiting (Ipec. Iris), with excoriation of the anus (Ars., Sulph.).  Copious stools of soft, fluid consistence, yellowish in color, and attended with some griping pain.

Urinary Organs. - Ardor urinse.  Increased flow of urine (Eupat., Phos. ac).  Pale-colored urine, with light specific gravity.  Increase of solid matters in urine (Bry., Colch., Cimic).

Male Organs. - Tickling sensation at the end of the penis.

Female Organs.- oIntermittent, bearing-down, labor-like pains (during dropsy or pregnancy). Suppression of menses (during dropsy).

Respiratory Organs. - Increase of the bronchial secretions (Ant. tart., Ipec, Phos., Stan.).

Heart and Pulse. -Action of heart lessened; pulse slow (Digit., Can. ind., Op.).  Feeble pulse after vomiting (Ant. tart.).

Sleep. - Drowsy; sleepiness;  hard sleep during the night.

Fever.- Coldness of surface after vomiting.  Diaphoresis;  profuse sweat.

Compare.- Ascl. t., Apoc. c, Bry., Colch.


THERAPEUTICS. This drug has been successfully used in the following conditions when the indications were present: Congestive and nervous headaches, after suppressed perspiration followed by profuse flow of urine.  Diarrhoea.  Uraemia of pregnant women.  Post-scarlatinal dropsy.  Renal dropsy.  Cardiac dropsy.  Anasarca from sudden check of perspiration.  Gonorrhoea and gleet.  Rheumatism of large joints.  Influenza.  Bronchitis.

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