back Asparagus Officinalis

Synonym.- Asparagus Officinalis.

Natural order. - Siliacese.

Habitat- A perennial plant cultivated in gardens.

Preparation.- Tincture from the young sprouts.

Through the spinal nervous system Asparagus exerts its chief action upon the kidneys, giving rise to secondary affections of the heart, which have their origin in functional derangements of these organs.  It also acts upon the mucous surfaces, producing catarrhal conditions, characterized by profuse secretions, especially of the nasal and bronchial tracts, and the bladder.

Head.- Confusion of the head ; vertigo.  Heaviness in forehead.  Pressive; aching pains in temples, increased by pressure.

Eyes.- Stitching and tickling in the eyes.

Nose.- Frequent sneezing.  Severe coryza and nasal catarrh, with profuse secretions of thin whitish fluid.

Urinary Organs.- Cutting and burning in the urethra.  Frequent urging, with increased secretion (Ascl. t., Phos. ac).  Frequent urination, with fine stitches in the orifice of the urethra. Urine has strong, offensive odor (Asaf., Benz. ac, Nitr. ac).  Urine straw-colored; turbid, containing white, flocky sediment; reddish sediment.  Urine scanty; loaded with phosphates and the urate of ammonia (oin renal dropsy).  oGravel passes, in small quantities, with the urine.

Respiratory Organs.- Tickling, and inclination to cough.  Distressing cough, with copious mucous expectoration (Stan.).  Difficult breathing when moving, or on going up stairs (Acon., Ars., Calc. c); has to sit up in bed (Ars.).  Constriction, and stitching pains in chest.

Heart and Pulse. - Palpitation of the heart, with oppression of the chest.  Irregular action of the heart (Digit., Natr.mur.).  Pulse slightly accelerated; feeble. 

Generalities.- Rheumatic pains in the back and limbs. (Acon., Bry., Rhus tox.).  Concretions of lithic acid in the joints.  oGreat languor and disinclination to physical or mental exertion.

Compare.- Apoc. c, ConvaL, Dig., Paris, Squill.


THERAPEUTICS. Asparagus has proved useful in functional cardiac troubles, rheumatism, dropsy, and other ailments dependent upon kidney disease.  Cystitis, with much mucus and pus.  An excellent article of diet in rheumatism and in renal dropsy.

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