Common Names:deadly nightshade
Relative:Belladonna is the acute of Calcarea, which is often required to complete a cure.
Similar:to, Acon., Bry., Cic., Gels., Glon., Hyos., Mel., Op., Stram.
Aggravation:From touch, motion, noise, draught of air, looking at bright, shining objects (Lys., Stram.); after 3 p. m.; night, after midnight; while drinking; uncovering the head; summer sun; lying down.
Amelioration:Rest; standing or sitting erect; warm room.

[An ornamental plants for their large, arrowhead-shaped leaves marked in varying patterns. Read more...]

Let me warn you against the use of Belladonna for the pains of glaucoma. Never give it low for that condition and watch closely if you give it in the 30th or 200th. -Dr. George Royal

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