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Benzoicum Acidum.

Preparation.-- -The pure crystals are dissolved in alcohol.


Acts especially upon the urinary organs, giving rise to symptoms of a uric-acid diathesis, affecting especially the joints and tendons. The peculiar characteristic of the drug is its deep-red-colored urine, with very strong urinous odor.

Mouth.- oExtensive ulceration of the tongue, with deeply chapped fungoid surfaces.

Throat. - oAngina faucium and tonsillaris, with characteristic urine.

Stool. - oDiarrhoea in children; profuse, watery, light colored, offensive, exhausting stools, with urinous odor and characteristic urine.  Stool frothy.

Urinary Organs. - Urine highly colored; changeable color, brownish (Carb. ac, Nit. ac), urinous odor exceedingly strong (Nitr. ac); offensive; pungent smell (Asaf., Aspar.).  Soreness, or hot, burning pains in left kidney.  A granular kind of mucus mixed with phosphates in the sediment; urine dark-reddish brown; acid reaction, or very offensive ; fleeting pains in bladder, not when urinating, but at other times; ovesical catarrh from suppressed gonorrhoea; calculi, or gout.  Renders the urine acid; hippuric acid.

Sexual Organs.- Suppressed gonorrhoea; gleet; with offensive urine.  Prolapsus uteri, with foetid urine.

Respiratory Organs.- Great weakness, difficult breathing, increasing every hour.  Cough, followed by expectoration of green mucus.

Heart.- Pain in region of heart.

Back. - Dull pain in back, in region of kidneys ; stiffness in loins.

Lower Limbs. - Swelling in right knee; ulcerative pain in wholo leg, with pains in kidneys. Cracking or sense of dryness in knee joint.  Pain in both knees.  Tearing and stitches, especially in the metatarsal joints of the right great toe. oGouty concretions and nodosities.

Generalities. - Weariness and lassitude (Cinch.).  Pains suddenly change their locality (Kali bi., Led., Puls.).  Symptoms in sick go from left to right, and from below upward, especially in rheumatism and gout.

Conditions. - Especially adapted to rheumatic or gouty subjects; in syphilitic or gonorrheal patients.

Compare. - Arm, Berb., Carb. ac, Led., Nitr. ac., Puls., Rhod., Sulph.

Benzoic Acid Antidote.- Copaiba.


THERAPEUTICS. Benzoic Acid may be indicated in any form of disease characterized by the peculiar urine of this drug, without which it is seldom to be employed.  It is especially useful in gout and rheumatism of the joints, and of rheumatic and gouty arthritis.  It is a valuable remedy in catarrh of the bladder, cystitis, nocturnal enuresis, and nephritic colic, the urine always being dark and extremely offensive.  Asthma, especially in rheumatic patients, offensive urine.  Diarrhoea in children, stools and urine both having a urinous odor.  Also useful in other conditions already named.  Bad effects from copaiba.

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