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class="old">An element proven and arranged by Hering and an important remedy in laryngeal affections. Also in scrofulous and tubercular affections of the glands. It is well known to act best on persons with light blue eyes, flaxen hair, light eye-brows, fair, delicate skins, red cheeked scrofulous girls. It will be remembered how almost exactly opposite, so far as temperament is concerned, is Iodine, which is also one of our chief anti-scrofulous remedies. In glandular affections, three remedies that are not as often thought of as they perhaps should be, are Carbo animalis, Conium and Bromine; in all three the glands are stony hard with a cancerous tendency. In Bromine the pains are not characteristic, but with Conium and Carbo animalis they are lancinating, cutting or burning, more like cancer pains.

In diphtheria, where it has done some wonderful work, the membrane first forms in the bronchi, trachea or larynx, running upward, just the opposite of Lycopodium, which often forms first in the nose and runs downward.

In membranous croup, there is great rattling of mucus like Hepar, but no expectoration. There seems to be great danger of suffocation from accumulation of mucus in larynx (in bronchi, Ant. tart.).

Sensation of cobweb in face. (Bar., Graph. and Borax).

Fan-like motion of alæ nasi (Ant. t. Lycop.).

Hypertrophy of heart from gymnastics (Caust.).

Membranous dysmenorrhœa (Lac can.).

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