Bryonia Alba

Common Names:white bryony, wild hop, mandrake
Category:Plant poisonous
Follows well:After Bryonia; Alum., Kali c., Nux, Phos., Rhus, Sulph.
Similar:to, Bell., Hep., for hasty speech and hasty drinking.
to Ran. in pleuritic or rheumatic pains of chest.
to Ptelea, in aching heaviness in hepatic region; > lying on right side, greatly < lying on left side; turning to the left causes a dragging sensation.
Complementary:Alumina, Rhus.
Aggravation:Motion, exertion, touch; cannot sit up, gets faint or sick or both; warmth, warm fold; suppressed discharges of any kind.
Amelioration:Lying, especially on painful side (Ptel., Puls.); pressure; rest; cold, eatg cold things.

[An ornamental plants for their large, arrowhead-shaped leaves marked in varying patterns. Read more...]

Dr. W. H. Dickinson claimed that in seven out of every ten cases of typhoid for which Bryonia was indicated, it would be the only remedy indicated, because the symptoms of the drug correspond to those of every stage of typhoid. - Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica -George Royal, M.D.

Do not take lime juice while taking Bryonia, as it is inimical to acids and lemons. -J.T. Kent

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