back Carbo Animalis

Is another remedy whose great general characteristic is: Great weakness, want of energy, prostration. The subjects of it are often disposed to glandular swellings, indurations and suppurations.

Benignant suppurations are inclined to become ichorous. The swellings to become schirrous in character.

The swellings seem to have a choice for the axillary, inguinal or mammary regions. Then the sexual organs come markedly under its influence. Old suppurating, bluish colored (Lach., Tarant. Cub.), offensive bubœs. Menses too early and too long. Menorrhagia from chronic induration of the uterus; also in cachectic women with glandular swellings.

The flow always weakens so that she call hardly speak.

Mammary tumors in hard nodules in the breast.

Copper colored eruptions on the skin.

Weak ankles in children (Nat. c., Sil.).

Easily sprained from lifting (Calc. ost.).

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