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Vegetable Charcoal

For the bad effects of exhausting diseases, whether in young or old (Cinch., Phos., Psor.); cachetic persons whose vitality has become weakened or exhausted.

Persons who have never fully recovered from the exhausting effects of some previous illness; asthma dates from measles or pertusis of childhood; indigestion from a drunken debauch; bad effects of a long ago injury; has never recovered from effects of typhoid (Psor.).

Ailments: from quinine, especially suppressed intermittents; abuse of mercury, salt, salt meats; spoiled fish, meats, or fats; from getting overheated (Ant. c.).

Bad effects from loss of vital fluids (Caust.); haemorrhage from any broken down condition of mucous membranes (Cinch., Phos.).

Weakness of memory and slowness of thought.

Epistaxis in daily attacks, for weeks, worse from exertion; face pale before as well as after a haemorrhage.

Haemorrhage from any mucous outlet; in systems broken down, debilitated; blood oozes from weakened tissues; vital force exhausted.

Hippocratic face; very pale, grayish-yellow, greenish, cold with cold sweat; after haemorrhage.

Looseness of teeth, easily-bleeding gums.

Patients crave things that make them sick; old topers crave whiskey or brandy; want clothing loose around abdomen.

Weak digestion; simplest food disagrees; excessive accumulation of gas in stomach and intestines < lying down; after eating or drinking, sensation as if stomach would burst; effects of a debauch, late suppers, rich food.

Eructations give temporary relief.

Diseases of the venous system predominate (Sulph.); symptoms of imperfect oxidation (Arg. nit.).

Deficient capillary circulation causes blueness of skin and coldness of extremities; vital powers nearly exhausted; desire to be constantly fanned.

Hoarseness: < evenings; damp evening air; warm, wet weather; fails when exerted (< morning, Caust.).

Awakens often from cold limbs and suffers from cold knees at night (Apis).

Frequent, involuntary, cadaverous-smelling stools, followed by burning; soft stool voided with difficulty (Alum.).

In the last stages of disease, with copious cold sweat, cold breath, cold tongue, voice lost, this remedy may save a life.

Relations. - Complementary: Kali carb.

Want of susceptabilty to well-selected remedies (Opium, Val.).

Compare: Cinch., Plumb., in neglected pneumonia, especially in "old toppers;" Ant. t. in threatened paralysis from inability to expectorate loosened mucus.

Opium: with lack of reaction after well-selected remedies fail to permanently improve (Val.).

Phos. in easily bleeding ulcers.

Puls., bad effects from fat food and pastry.

Sulph., acrid-smelling menstrual flow and erysipelas of mammae.

Aggravation. - From butter, pork, fat food; abuse of quinine, bark and mercury; from singing or reading aloud; in warm, damp weather.

Amelioration. - From eructation; being fanned.

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