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Constriction of the heart, as if an iron band prevented its normal movement; < lying on left side.

Constriction, general; of heart, chest, bladder, rectum, uterus, vagina, etc.

Hæmorrhages in connection with heart troubles; nose, lungs, stomach, rectum, bladder.

Palpitation; day or night; worse when walking and lying on left side, approach of menses.

Fear of death; believes the disease incurable.

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Cactus grandiflorus is another great heart remedy, and its grand characteristic is not at all like Digitalis. It is a "sensation of constriction of the heart, as if an iron band prevented its normal movement." (Iodine has a sensation as if heart was squeezed together. Lilium tigrin., as if grasped and released alternately. Lachesis, constriction on awaking, throws off covering; Arsenicum alb., constriction or oppression on walking). This sensation of constriction is not confined to the heart, but is found in the chest, bladder, rectum, uterus, vagina; in short, it seems to be a general characteristic for this remedy, as does that of fullness for Æsculus hippocastanum.

The heart troubles of Cactus are quite apt to be caused by inflammatory rheumatism, where it is one of our best remedies.

Among the symptoms found, more or less connected with heart troubles, for which Cactus is indicated, are: Heavy pain on vertex like a weight (Glonoine; Lachesis at climacteric), a frequent symptom in persons suffering with heart troubles, cerebral congestion, profuse epistaxis, hæmatemesis, hæmorrhages from anus, hæmaturia or hæmoptysis. In any hæmorrhages, seeming to be in sympathy with heart trouble, think of Cactus.

Now, besides the leading characteristic of Cactus on the heart, we have other chest and heart symptoms which are very valuable. Oppression of chest or difficult breathing, as if the chest could not be expanded, with this sense of band-like constriction.

"Periodical attacks of suffocation, with fainting, cold perspiration on face and loss of pulse."

"Fluttering and palpitation of heart, increased when walking or lying on left side."

"Great irregularity of heart's action, intermittent pulse, valvular murmurs in organic diseases of heart."

"Palpitation < lying on left side (Nat. mur.).

Œdema of left hand, foot and leg."

"Rheumatism of all joints, beginning in upper extremities." (Ledum in lower.).

"Numbness of the left arm" (Aconite; aching, Rhus toxicod.).

"Cactus is a remedy of not very wide range; but of paramount importance in its sphere."

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