back Caladium

American Arum Araceae

Very sensitive ot noise; slightest noise startles from sleep (Asar., Nux, Taren.).

Eructations, frequent, of very little wind, as if stomach were full of dry food.

Impotence: with mental depression; relaxed penis, with sexual desire and excitement (Lyc., Sel.).

No erection, even after caress; no emission, no orgasm during an embrace (Cal., Sel.).

Prutius vaginae; induces onanism (Orig., Zinc.); during pregnancy; with mucous discharge.

Falls asleep during evening fever and wakes when it stops.

Sweet sweat attracts the flies.

Mosquito and insect bites burn and itch intensively.

Aversion to motion; dreads to move (Bry.).

Destroys craving for tabacco.

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