back Calcarea Hypophosphorica

I once had a case like this: A boy eight years of age had several (four or five) abscesses in and around the knee joint. The ulceration had also attacked the tibia, which was half eaten off, so that the ragged necrosed bone protruded through the surface plainly in sight. The little fellow was greatly emaciated, and had no appetite, and was pale as a corpse. I told the mother that I thought this was a case for the surgeon, but I would try to get him in better condition for the operation. I remembered reading years before of the cures of abscesses by this remedy, made by Dr. Searles, of Albany, and empirically concluded to try it in this case.

I put him upon the first trituration, a grain a day. Called in a week and found a great change for the better. The mother exclaimed as I came in: "Ah, Doctor, the boys is eating us out of house and home." Under the continued use of the remedy he made a complete and rapid recovery, except that the tibia was a little bent. I have since used the remedy in some very large swellings where pus had formed, with the effect of complete absorption of the pus and no opening of the abscess on the surface. One was a case of hip disease which had been pronounced incurable by a specialist on ulcerations, (How is that for a specialist, regular at that.) The different combinations of the Calcareas ought to be so thoroughly proven as to enable us to put them each in their exact place. So, also, with the Kalis, Magnesias, Natrums and Mercuries, etc.

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