back Calcarea Iodata

Synonyms. - Calcium iodid. Calcarea iodid. Common name. - Iodide of lime. Preparation. - Triturations.

Combines the general action of the lime salts and that of iodine. It is particularly useful in scrofulous diseases, especially in enlarged glands, tonsils. Nasal catarrh. Chronic bronchitis, especially in scrofulous children. Chronic cough ; hectic fever; green purulent expectoration. Tubercular meningitis. Adenoids. Polypi of nose and ear. Uterine fibroids. Highly recommended by A. G. Beebe for croup, and has been extensively used with apparent success.

Compare.- Calc. carb., Calc. phos., Calc. fluor., Iodine, Merc, iod., Silicea.

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