Calcarea Phosphorica

Category:Chemical compound
Follows well:after Ars., Iod., Tub.
Follows well:by Iod., Psor., Sanic., Sulph.
Similar:to Carbo an., Cal. fluor., Calc., Fluor. ac., Kali phos.; to Psor., in debility remaining after acute diseases; to Sil., but sweat of head is wanting.
Aggravation:Exposure to damp, cold, changeable weather; east winds; melting snow; mental exertion.
Amelioration: In summer; warm, dry atmosphere.

Large doses of Calcarea Phosphoricum are useless and are injurious. Prolonged administration has produced Nephritic colic and passage of small calculi. For the aged, this remedy should not be given in lower potencies. Dr. M. Fayazuddin – Caution on the Use of Remedies

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