back Capsicum

Burning pains, especially in mucous membranes, or smarting, as from red pepper, on the parts.

Cough with pains in distant parts as head, bladder, knees, legs, etc.

Chill or shuddering after every drink; begins between the shoulders and spreads all over.

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Capsicum is also a good remedy for dysentery or one later stage of gonorrhœa, or in throat complaints, when there is great burning in the mucous membrane of the affected part. In short, it is a remedy to be remembered in all affections, accompanied with burning of mucous membranes in any locality. The characteristic burning is not like that of Arsenicum, but feels as if red Pepper had been applied to the parts; nor is it relieved by heat applied, as is that of Arsenic. Capsicum has pain in head when coughing as if it would burst. I cured a very bad case of years' standing; the patient would cry out and grasp head with both hands at every cough. It finally became so bad that he had to lie in bed, because the hurt was so much < when sitting, Capsicum cured very quickly. Other remedies having similar < are Bryonia, Natrum mur., Squilla, Sulphur.

Capsicum also has pain in distant parts on coughing, such as bladder, knees, legs, etc.

Chilliness or shuddering after every drink.

Chill begins between shoulders and spreads.

Lack of reaction especially fat people.

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