back Caulophyllum Thalictorides

Blue Cohosh Berberidaceae

Especially suited to women; ailments during pregnancy, parturition, lactation.

Rheumatism of women, especially of small joints (Act. s.); errative pains changing place every few minutes (Puls.); painful stiffness of affected joints.

Pains are intermittent, paroxysmal, spasmodic.

Chorea, hysteria or epilepsy at puberty, during establishment of menstrual function (Actaea).

Leucorrhoea: acrid, exhausting; upper eyelids heavy, has to raise them with fingers (Gels.); with "moth spots" on forehead (Sep.); in little girls (Calc.); preventing pregnancy.

Habitual abortion from uterine debility (Alet. - from anaemia with profound melancholy, Helon.).

Spasmodic rigid os, delays labor; needle-like pricking pains in cervix.

Labor pains short, irregular, spasmodic; tormenting, useless pains in beginning of labor (Act.); no progress made. Will correct deranged vitality and produce efficient pains, if the symptoms agree.

Haemorrhage, after hasty labor; want of tonicity; passive, after abortion (Sec., Thlaspi).

After pains: after long exhausting labor; spasmodic, across lower abdomen; extend into groins (in the shins, Carbo v., Coc.).

Lochia protracted; great atony; passive, oozing for days from relaxed vessels (Sec.).

Relations. - Simiar: to, Act., Bell., Lil., Puls., Sec., Thlas., Vib.

Similar: to, labor pains of Puls., but mental condition opposite.

Similar: to, Sep., "moth patches" and reflex symptoms from uterine irregularities.

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