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Synonym.- Caulophyllum Thalictroides.

Natural order.- Berberidaceae.

Common names. - Blue Cohosh. Papoose Root.

Habitat. - A perennial herb growing in rich woods in most parts of the United States.

Preparation.- Tincture from the fresh root.

Acts upon the muscular tissues of the female generative organs, and especially upon the uterine motor nerves, also upon the small muscles and joints.

Head. - oRheumatic or neuralgic headaches, especially in females (Cimic).  oHeadaches, dependent upon uterine disorder (Cimic).

Eyes. - Pressure behind the eyes; profuse flow of tears.

Face. - o"Moth spots" on forehead, with leucorrhoea.

Mouth. - Teeth feel sore and elongated.  Tongue coated white.  Sensation of heat and dryness in the mouth.

Throat. - Distress in fauces, which causes frequent inclination to swallow.

Stomach.- Empty eructations.  Frequent gulping up of sour, bitter fluid, with vertigo.  oSpasmodic vomiting, cardialgia, excessive nausea, spasms of the stomach attending uterine irritation. oDyspepsia, with spasmodic symptoms; from uterine irritation,

Abdomen. - Spasmodic action of the muscular tissues of the intestines, from irritation of motor nerves, and from rheumatism.

Female Organs. - Sensation as if the uterus were congested, with fullness and tension in hypogastric region (Aloe, Bell., Cimic., Puls.).   Spasmodic pains in uterus, and various portions of hypogastric region.  oMenstrual colic; retroverted uterus.  Suppression of menses, with spasms of uterus, or great atony (Cimic).  oDysmenorrhoea; with, aphthae in vagina; with hysterical convulsions. oThreatened abortion; pains feeble, irregular, spasmodic.  oDeficient, spasmodic labor pains (Gels.); they seem to fly in all directions, but do not press down.  oDeficient labor from spasmodic rigidity of os uteri (Bell., Cimic, Gels.); sharp pricking pains.  oPassive hemorrhage after abortion or confinement (Cinch.).  oProtracted lochia from atony of the uterus, intermittent uterine contractions (Sec. corn.), lifterpains, after exhausting lengthy labor.  oSub-involution after abortion or confinement.

Respiratory Organs. - oSpasmodic affections of chest and larynx.

Limbs. - oRheumatism of the small joints (Act. spic, Led.).  Constant flying pains in arms and legs, remains only a few minutes in any one place.  Drawing pains in joints of arms and legs, hands and feet.

Upper Limbs. - Severe pain in wrists and joints of fingers.  Fingers very stiff; shutting hand produces severe cutting pains in finger joints.

Conditions.- Especially adapted to women.

Compare. - Act. spic, Cimic, Puls., Sabad., Sec.

THERAPEUTICS. As has been detailed in the foregoing list of clinical symptoms, Caulophyllum lms been found most useful in diseases of the female generative system, including important abnormal puerperal conditions which need not be repeated.  It has also been used in hysteria; spinal anaamia from uterine irritation; chorea at puberty; hysterical or epileptiform spasms at puberty.  It is a valuable remedy in rheumatism of the small joints (Actea sp., Led.), especially of the wrists and fingers.

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