Category:Chemical compound
Antidotes:paralysis from lead poisoning (bad effects of holding type in mouth of compositors). and abuse of Merc. or Sulph. in scabies.
Incompatible:Phos. Must not be used before or after Phos., always disagrees; the Acids; Coffea.
Complementary:Carbo veg., Petros.
Aggravation: In clear, fine weather; coming from the air into a warm room (Bry.); cold air, especially draft of cold air; on becoming cold; from getting wet or bathing.
Amelioration:In damp, wet weather; warm air.

[Prepared from quicklime. ]

The routine remedy for retention of urine after labor is Causticum. It is a great remedy for the effect of strain upon muscles and parts, and the violent effort that a woman passes through in expelling the child in many instances leaves all the pelvic muscles tired, relaxed, paralyzed. J T Kent MM

Most of the symptoms of Causticum are aggravated from drinking coffee. Do not allow your patient to drink it while taking Causticum. C.M. Boger

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