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Synonym. - Simaba Cedron.

Natural order. - Simarubaceae.

Habitat.- A small tree indigenous to tropical America.

Preparation.- Tincture from the dry, powdered seeds.


Acts upon the cerebro-spinal and the sympathetic nervous Systems, giving rise principally to cerebral congestion, and following this to a febrile condition much resembling intermittent fever, especially such as occurs in damp, warm, low, marshy climates.  The chief characteristic of this remedy is a periodicity which is often clock-like in its regularity (Aran. diad.).


THERAPEUTICS. Has been little used save in intermittents, especially those of an obstinate character, accompanied by violent cerebral disturbances, and which continually recur in spite of other treatment; also, more particularly, if originating in damp, warm, narshy climates, or in tropical countries, and when accompanied by an enlarged liver and spleen, general anaemia and dropsy.  Has also cured intermittent neuralgia, chorea and lysterical spasms.  According to Casanova, residents of hot countries are more susceptible to the influences of the drug. In South America, Cedron is considered a specific for the bites of venomous serpents.

Compare.- Arn., Ars., Cinch., Gels., Lach. 

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