back Chimaphila Umbellata

I have had some valuable experience with this remedy in cystitis. It has made some fine cures where there were great quantities of ropy mucus in the urine. There may be strangury or not in such cases. There is one symptom to which I wish to call attention, because it indicates that this remedy may become very useful in prostatic troubles, and is found under only one other remedy that I know of, viz., Cannabis Indica. These prostatic troubles are very serious ones, and anything that can contribute to their successful treatment is valuable. The symptom is -"Sensation of swelling in the perinæum or near the anus, as if sitting on a ball." We often have very large amounts of mucus in the urine in prostatic troubles, and if I found it coupled with this sensation would expect benefit from the remedy. I know of no other use for this remedy at present. While we are here upon a urinary remedy, we will call attention to another comparatively new but good one.

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