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Is another remedy which is characterized by its excessively violent convulsions. With this remedy the patient is thrown into all sorts of odd shapes and violent contortions, but one of the most invariable is the bending of the head, neck and spine backwards, opisthotonos. It is on this account that it was tried for cerebro-spinal meningitis. Dr. Baker, of Moravia, N. Y., cured, during an epidemic of this terrible disease, sixty cases of all degrees of malignancy without the loss of a single case. This is a wonderful record, and he thinks it is as near a specific for this disease as can be.

Cicuta is also one of our best remedies for convulsions during dentition or worms if Cina does not help. It is also a good remedy for the effects of concussion of the brain or spine, if spasms are in the train of chronic effects therefrom and Arnica does not relieve. In the affections for which Cicuta is useful the actions of the patient are as violent as are the spasms -moans and howls, makes gesticulations and odd motions, great agitation, etc.

All sorts of convulsions -tonic, clonic epileptic, cataleptic, worm, puerperal, etc.- if of a very violent character, should call to mind Cicuta.

It is also wonderful for skin affections, "pustules which run together, forming thick, yellow scabs on face, head and other parts of the body". I once had a case of eczema capitis in a young woman -it was of long standing- which covered the whole scalp, solid, like a cap. I gave her Cicuta 200th and cured her completely in a very short time. She had used many local applications without benefit.

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