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Worm Seed Compositae

Adapted to children with dark hair, very cross, irritable, ill-humored, want to be carried, but carrying gives no relief; does not want to be touched; cannot bear you to come hear it; averse to caresses; desires many things; but rejects everything offered (compare, Ant-t., Bry., Cham., Staph.).

Constantly digging and boring at the nose; picks the nose all the time; itching of nose; rubs nose on pillow, or on shoulder of nurse (Mar-v.).

Children, suffering from worms; pitiful weeping when awake, starts and screams during sleep; grinding of teeth (Cic., Sulph.); ascarides (Mar-v.).

Face is pale; sickly white and bluish appearance around mouth; sickly, with dark rings under the eyes; one cheek red, the other pale (Cham.).

Canine hunger: hungry soon after a full meal; craving for sweets and different things; refuses mother's milk.

Urine; turbid when passed, turns milky and semi-solid after standing; white and turbid; involuntary.

Cough: dry with sneezing; spasmodic, gagging in the morning; periodic, returning spring and fall.

Child is afraid to speak or move for fear of bringing on a paroxysm of coughing (Bry.).

Relations. - Compare: Ant-c., Ant-t., Bry., Cham., Kreos., Sil., Staph., in irritability of children.

In pertusis, after Drosera has relieved the severe symptoms.

Has cured aphonia from exposure when Acon., Phos. and Spong. had failed.

Is frequently to be thought of, in children, as an epidemic remedy, when adults require other drugs.

Santonine sometimes cures in worm affections when Cina seems indicated, but fails (Mar-v., Spig.).

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